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My Hero Academia Podcast

Jun 13, 2024

Welcome to part 1 of episode 272 of the My Hero Academia Podcast. This week  Kendra (@sniperofmyheart) is joined by Jenna (@jennnaxjennna), Derek (@greatbigsword) cohost of @devilbatpod, and Benjamin Banks (@kingbenji_banks) host of @LevingupBanks.

Just a quick reminder that the podcast has gone biweekly.

Do to some technical issues and time constraints we ended up having to split the anime and manga sections into different episodes, my sincere apologies/

We talk about 143 Let You Down (3:30), and 144 Division (20:14).

 A big thank you to our patrons  

  Hero student: Sofia Trainee: Jenna, I am the REAL Joe, Morgan,  and Pro Hero: Yuriko

Episode image was by Banks

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