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My Hero Academia Podcast

Sep 15, 2023


Corrected audio! Sorry for the error, enjoy the ep!

Welcome to episode 253 of the My Hero Academia Podcast. This week  Kendra (@sniperofmyheart) is joined by special guests Maria (@mlidaz04), Nicole (@nearonis), and Fern (@fernfuxitup) from My Hero Analysis (@myheroanalysis). Just a quick reminder that the podcast has gone biweekly.

We talk about the latest news (1:31), interview Maria, Nicole, and Fern (5:34), and discuss Chapter 399 "Organic Mingling Clusters of Light" (30:06). Finally we tale listener thoughts from X (1:09:35), answer an email (1:21:05) and then round it out (1:28:57). 


And a big thank you to our patrons  Trainee: Jenna,  Kendra, and Morgan. Pro Heros: Yuriko

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