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My Hero Academia Podcast

Oct 13, 2022

Welcome to episode 223 of the My Hero Academia Podcast. This week  Kendra (@sniperofmyheart) is joined by  regular guest James (@that1welderguy) from @Dr_Stone_Pod and @devilbatpod, Sandra (@sandypsyche), and Marion (@microwavey)  from @goodfriendscast 

We cover the news (0:23), talk about Season 6 ep 2 "Mirko, the No. 5 Hero" (4:11), and take listener thoughts on the anime (18:34), spoilers for for anime only start at 23:13. Then we read through the official release of manga chapter 369 "A Chain Of Events Across The Ages" (25:59), take twitter questions (55:25) and answer an email (1:02:38).

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