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My Hero Academia Podcast

Nov 23, 2023

Welcome to episode 258 of the My Hero Academia Podcast. This week  Kendra (@sniperofmyheart) is joined in person in NYC by Marion (@microwaevy) from Soju Wanna Read Manhwa (@SojuManhwaPod) and Saturday Night Shoggy (@SatNightShoggy), and Justin (@Justin_Legends) from The Snack Bar Podcast (@Snack_Bar_Pod).

Just a quick reminder that the podcast has gone biweekly.

We talk about the latest news (1:42), readthrough 406 "Get A Grip On Your Quirk" (4:32), discuss the chapter (17:17), and take listener thoughts (26:01). Then  we readthrough  407 "An Exceptional Child" (41:01), discuss the chapter (50:52) and take listener thoughts (1:15:39). and finally round it out (1:27:29). 


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