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My Hero Academia Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

Welcome to Ep 1 of My Jujutsu Academia. There is no new manga or anime for My Hero Academia this week so  we are going into the archives and playing our first My Jujustu Academia episode previously only available on our Patreon. Kendra is  joined by Derek (@greatbigsword), Marion (@Microweavy) and Allison (@meowth900)as we talk about all things JJK. We talk favourite characters, theories, answer listener questions, and dare to ask the most important question....does Gojo have a nice ass?  Episode begins at 1:18, JJK news begins at 2:51, spoilers for up to 140 of JJK start at 8:37. Questions start at 9:59. We start talking about major spoilers from the Gege interview at 43:58  and again at 1:04:19. 


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